Go Ahead,
Take a Halfday

As a group of creative designers and passionate travelers, we know there’s no better feeling than shutting your laptop and getting a headstart on your next getaway. Inspired by that excitement, we’re making innovative first-class bags and accessories that enhance the way you travel and make sure that you do so in style. 

The Halfday Promise

Our goods are up for any challenge you throw at ‘em.

Built on Experience

From the team behind Bespoke Post, we’re using product expertise gained by years of experience to develop goods that inspire effortless travels through clever solutions and creative designs that level up your packing game.

Driven by Innovation

Our products are made with just as much attention to detail as you’d put into planning the perfect getaway. From the 2-in-1 Garment Duffel to the Tech Kit kickstand, we’ve created an entire suite of clever, multi-functional designs with high quality materials. We test our goods extensively and aren’t afraid to go back to the drawing board or start from scratch — until we’ve landed on something that feels unique, innovative in function, and that truly enhances the way you travel.

The Bag That Started It All

The Garment Duffel was born out of a desire to travel lighter, without losing any volume or style. We were tired of debating whether or not to pack an extra garment bag or attempt to fold your suit in a way that wouldn’t wrinkle. This inspired a bag that could do both, in style, and has since become a bona fide bestseller, garnering praise from Esquire, Forbes, and even being featured in the MoMA Design Store. It’s now available in the original 45L, a lighter 40L, and the upgraded Premium 45L.