About Us: pre-2024

Man swinging garment duffel

Half day (haf-dā, noun): An abbreviated workday ending in the early afternoon, usually preceding a vacation or long weekend.

Just enough time to get ahead of traffic while still showing higher-ups that you’re dedicated to your work, half days are the best of both worlds. Like centaurs. Or mullets. But seriously, there’s nothing as satisfying as shutting your laptop and calling it a day while the sun’s still high in the sky — you can’t help but smile. That’s the exact same feeling we want you to have every time you use a Halfday product. 


Man holding green and blue garment duffel


Travel shouldn't just be painless. It should be a pleasure.

From the same team behind Bespoke Post, we use the product expertise gained by years of experience in the field to develop goods that bring the joy back to travel.

Every last detail has been considered to help you (and your stuff) make it from Point A to Point B with a smile on your face. And when we say every detail, we mean it. From the big things, like overall design and fabrication, down to small but none-the-less-significant features like zippers and pockets, we’ve taken the time to consider all aspects of our products to ensure your journey goes off without a hitch. 

Man with blue garment duffel around shoulder

Our promise: first-class design & quality that just won't quit.

We put all our designs through the ringer, extensively testing them to make sure they can withstand everything that travel entails. Overstuffed overhead compartments, brusque baggage handlers, car trunks piled high with road trip supplies: we’ve done the legwork and guarantee that our goods are up for any challenge you can throw at ‘em. 

Starting with our game-changing Garment Duffel, with many more designs to come, we at Halfday want to redefine how our customers travel. From here on out, we think you’ll enjoy the ride. So go ahead, take a half day — and a Halfday